Virtual IT & Computer Support Solutions

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Virtual IT & Computer Support

Traditional IT Support is provided via a faceless and cold remote access methodology. We are different.

Our approach to working with our clients is in partnership… we’re in it together and for the long haul. We will be there onsite to see the decisions we help you make about business systems and processes bear fruit and we’re also there to lean on if times get tough.

We believe in working right in the heart of your organisation, offering a flexible and capable IT Support function totally focused on helping you and your business become more successful. So forget the ‘contractor’, and the remote ‘service provider’, who can all come and go. Our client feedback shows that we’re perceived and valued as an integral and high-profile part of their teams.

We will provide onsite support, account management and IT Director skill sets directly to your business – face to face as part of our contract with you.

Providing Remote IT Solutions

Our approach is based on two core elements – Excellence combined with proven methodology.

Together, these offer a flexible, capable, part-time IT function that supports your business, giving you clarity, confidence and total peace of mind that your technology and systems are being expertly taken care of. Our team can remotely monitor your IT systems to help avoid instances where disaster recovery might be needed.

This allows you more time to focus on the bigger picture and making your business a success.

Omicron Solutions IT Support St Albans

Affordable IT Resources

By providing high level talent for a fraction of the cost of a full-time team, we are an affordable choice if you don’t need, or prefer not to have, the commitment and expense of a full-time IT resource.

Our clients work with us for as long as we’re adding value as we offer a low-risk solution. We provide total flexibility as your business priorities develop, ensuring that you only pay for relevant expertise when you need it, giving you access to a professional IT function that supports your growth strategy, rather than just overhead cost.

Professional IT Talent

We provide quality assured people from our pool of high calibre, blue-chip IT talent. We match for ‘fit’ as well as their IT experience and skill sets. This ensures you always have the right expertise on tap to meet your business needs and our best matched people will seamlessly fit into your team.

Virtual IT Department

Having regular onsite exposure to your business gives us a deeper understanding of your challenges and requirements. We are there to help you make the key decisions and help shape your success. We are your virtual team, your virtual IT department.

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