Why should you backup Microsoft 365?

Do you back up your Microsoft 365 data?

Data management is one of the greatest sources of anxiety for businesses; security threats, data loss, and breaches of privacy are very real possibilities for anyone working in the digital age. Office 365, nor Google, keep full and complete backups of your data going back months and years.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft Office 365 is now being used by over 120 million business users, which amounts to a whole lot of data. But Microsoft host the infrastructure of Office 365 but ownership of your data in the cloud is your responsibility, not Microsoft’s, they do not back up your data. (And if you use google software for your business, your data isn’t protected either).

According to the Microsoft Trust Centre: “Customer data may be replicated within a selected geographic area for enhanced data durability in case of a major data centre disaster, and in some cases, will not be replicated outside it.”  The only way to backup all of it up is with a system designed to find it all and restore it all, which may mean using a third party, like us, to manage this for you.

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How we can help:

At Omicron, we will use our expertise to perform initial checks on your managed security services, your IT infrastructure including servers, PCs and networks, as well as penetration testing and setting up multi-authentication techniques to ensure passwords are secure.

A qualified GDPR consultant will also be able to help you address and transform your data security risks, by introducing a number of efficient security solutions, including:

  1. Encryption
  2. AntiVirus and Malware
  3. Network Security Solutions
  4. Data Security for Cloud Systems

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