Weekly Round Up – 25th November 2020

As promised, we are starting our new IT news weekly roundup where we will be highlighting some of the top stories from in and around the IT industry. 

This week we have got a number of interesting stories from companies by the likes of Apple, Microsoft, and Google - all of which could have an impact on both your personal, and work life. 

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Business IT News - The Weekly Roundup
This week saw the launch of the latest Chrome update, which includes a security feature, for both iOS and Android devices, that checks the username and password authentications against know data breaches - warning the user if their account has been compromised. 
Apple declares that it will be using its in-house M1 processing chip for its new Macs, moving away from Intel chips that had previously been used by Apple since 2006. Benefits of the new processor include support for iOS apps, instant wake from sleep mode, and improved battery life. 
Users of Microsoft Teams will now be able to add multiple accounts if using the desktop version, allowing for quick changes of accounts whether that be for business, education, or personal use. 
The director of Identity Security at Microsoft, Alex Weinert, warns that the current telephone-based methods that are used for multi-factor authentication should be replaced with more secure alternatives such as security keys or authenticator applications.
In 2019, only 22% of companies were said to have a work from home policy, which is now reported to have grown to 72%. Microsoft Ireland published a new report revealing that employees prefer to have a hybrid approach to work, where they are given the freedom to decide whether they work in the office or from home
IT leaders across the UK are changing their shift in priorities and investment plans, with many focusing on migrating existing on-site infrastructure to the cloud to provide better business agility and better options for employees to work remotely. 
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