Top 5 Reasons More SMEs are Outsourcing IT

These days, IT is an integral part of any business, and maximising the efficiency and productivity of your infrastructure is essential not only to the day-to-day running of your business, but to continued growth and success. For small and medium businesses, ensuring that their IT systems are continually facilitating and adapting to growth, as well as secure against a range of cyber threats, can prove far too costly and time-consuming.

For this reason, more SMEs are making the decision to outsource their IT support to a knowledgeable and experienced IT support company. Here’s a few reasons why outsourcing IT support is such an excellent option for any SME looking to develop, grow, and succeed.

Reduced Overhead

As an SME, any opportunity to reduce overhead, while also freeing up the time and space needed to focus on operational growth, will be of great benefit to your business.

In the UK, the average salary of a full-time IT Director is just under £54,000 – and that doesn’t include training, company benefits, and recruitment costs. The trouble is, expert IT support is essential to the day-today operations and continued growth of any SME – security, maintenance, and back-up recovery strategies must be in place to ensure that business will always go on as usual.

Choosing to outsourcing your IT support to experienced and knowledgeable IT professionals will mean that you have the same unlimited access to help, advice, education, and technological advancement, without the financial burden of a full-time IT director. This provides an excellent solution for small and medium businesses hoping to get the most out of their overhead.

GDPR and Enhanced Security

SMEs are incredibly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Data breaches and computer viruses are emotionally and financially taxing; they can cause significant interruptions to business, and compromise any sensitive information you might be storing. Between January 2017-2019, more than 7 million attacks were reported by small businesses, and research shows that, within six months of a data breach, around 60% of SMEs will fold.

Outsourcing ensures that you and your employees are able to focus on core business, safe in the knowledge that your IT infrastructure has expert protection, and that your business remains FCA and GDPR compliant. Failure to do so can result in devastating fines for small and medium businesses.

With expertly managed IT services, measures will also be put in place so that, in a worst case scenario, you do not lose access to data.

Increased Concentration

IT is an excellent resource for SMEs – but only when it’s running smoothly and efficiently. Any issues can have a significant impact on productivity, and expend your employees’ precious time. Outsourcing your business’s IT management will ensure that your workforce will have the time and focus they need to focus on core business, without interruptions or unnecessary distractions.

Knowledgeable and experienced IT professionals can take a proactive approach to your IT systems, meaning that issues can be pre-empted and seen-to before they cause a disruption to business. This affords peace of mind, and the freedom for you and your workforce to focus on the job at hand.

A Valuable Resource

Outsourcing your IT support will guarantee that you always have access to engineers with up-to-the-minute training, technology, and knowledge, as well as a hands-on familiarity with the needs and requirements of your business’s infrastructure.

Rather than losing time and money to costly training programmes for your employees, utilising the experience and know-how of a dedicated IT support company will mean that everything your SME needs is always to hand – as and when you need it – at a much lower cost.

Fostering Growth

For any SME, finding effective ways of encouraging the growth and optimisation of the business is a top priority. This is another reason why outsourcing IT support is so popular – not only will experienced IT engineers be able to provide expert support, they will also be perfectly placed to suggest new ways of improving, enhancing, and streamlining your systems to promote the growth and development of your business.

A dedicated IT company will bring a new perspective to your existing infrastructure, and be always on hand to provide guidance and recommendations tailored to your business’s needs.

At Omicron, we match our clients to the engineers whose individual expertise can bring the most benefit. Rather than providing impersonal IT support, we pride ourselves on forming a collaboration with our clients through expertly managed IT services, in order to help them get the very most out of their IT systems.

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