Most Common IT Issues

The Most Common IT Issues We See


The Most Common IT Issues We See: Issue 1


To celebrate our 25th Anniversary this month, we’d like to share with you some of the most common IT Issues we have encountered and invite you to add to our list for the chance to win a prize…

Over the next week, we will continue to add to our list of common IT Issues, and would love to have some suggestions from you!


Email Issues:

Without a doubt, the most common IT Issue we are asked to help with are problems with emails. Which makes sense; it is one of the quickest and easiest forms of communication, and businesses unable to send or receive emails can suffer vast amounts of downtime. Whilst most people would be able to troubleshoot and resolve their email issues themselves, having an expert look into it can save you time and subsequently a loss of earnings during the downtime.


PC Slow Downs:

Your PC might have been gradually slowing down over several months, but you’ll suddenly notice it one morning when you have a hundred emails to deal with, a meeting to attend, deadlines to meet, and you’re stuck loading up a browser window. There could be a variety of reasons your PC is slowing down, from a failing or close to capacity hard drive, a browser with too many add-ons, a computer virus, or not having enough memory.


Mobile Device Issues:

The benefit of using your mobile device to access company information and data is that you can access this information at home, during the commute, or when you’re waiting for a meeting. The workplace is no longer restricted to your office, and business can continue outside the 9 to 5. The problem, however, is guaranteeing your business data remains secure. Theft, physical or through cyber attacks can be disastrous for your business, but there are steps you can take to ensure the stress of the situation is minimised, which we are happy to help with.


Have you got some IT Issues you deal with more regularly than others? Maybe you’ve got an issue that constantly baffles you and requires an expert to come in and fix? Head over to our LinkedIn page and comment on the post for a chance to win a bottle of bubbly!


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