Most Common IT Issues

The Most Common IT Issues We See: Issue 3


The Most Common IT Issues We See: Issue 3


To celebrate our 25th Anniversary this month, we’d like to share with you some of the most common IT Issues we have encountered and invite you to add to our list for the chance to win a prize…


Spam Email:

The problems surrounding spam emails are all-encompassing. Firstly, you might be missing out on important emails because they got diverted to your Junk folder. Secondly, your emails may be getting dumped in someone else’s Junk folder. Thirdly, you may accidentally open spam email only to find your systems receive a breach. Fourthly, someone opens a legitimate looking spam email and clicks a link infecting their computer with malware or snooping software. This list is not exhaustive as cybercriminals look for new and intuitive ways to convince you to open their spam emails. Thankfully, we can help you.

Large File Sending:

Most email providers have file size limitations for email attachments which makes sending large files throughout your business particularly difficult. Of course, there are tools online for sending large files via email, but these may not be suitable for attachments containing sensitive business information. You may consider using your private cloud storage space to share this information, which is a sensible first thought, however, consider that the employee sharing this data in their private storage may not work for the company this time next year, but you will never know they have access to this data. We can help provide safer more secure solutions.

New User Set Up:

Whilst not an emergency IT issue, we often get asked to help with setting up new users onto the existing IT systems. Some companies seek the reassurance that the new user has been added correctly and all safety measures are in place to avoid a weak link in their IT systems.

Users Moving Desks:

We’re often asked to help staff move away from their desks but take the equipment with them. This is usually a case of being afraid to touch or move wires and cables that you’re unsure about. We don’t consider this an ineffective use of our time with your company, in fact, it pleases us that you would consider your IT Systems in such a way, and a sure sign that we are helping to make you aware of your ongoing security.


We know that there are hundreds more IT Issues out there, and there are loads more that we could share with you, but we want you to come up with your own suggestions.

Head to our LinkedIn page here and comment on our post some of your suggestions for the most common IT Issues. By the 30th November, whoever has the most liked comment will win a bottle of bubbly. All comments related to an IT Issue not mentioned above will feature in an updated version of this later with credits!

Good luck and we look forward to your entries!


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