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Reasons To Use Social Media In The Workplace.

Social media can be a fantastic and powerful tool for employees to use in the workplace. Whilst many employers may assume that allowing employees access to social platforms can be counter-productive, it can offer your business many benefits.

By using social media in the workplace, you can build stronger relationships with your clients and utilise digital advertising, whilst strengthening your brand.

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Case study of a brand that uses social media well:

GoPro, home to the world’s most versatile cameras is a brilliant example of a company that uses social media in their workplace.

GoPro use each of their platforms to create value, showcase their products and engage with their audience and therefore, have built it to be the big brand that we know today.

How your employees can use each social media platform, and how to stay safe on each one:

  • Facebook

By implementing Facebook in the workplace, it is a fantastic tool for employees to use.

More than two billion people use Facebook every month, which is a huge audience for your brand. This means that Facebook is a great way to communicate with clients and new customers as it offers multiple communication channels- including Messenger and video calls.

Having an active Facebook page for your company will create trust between you and your clients as you will come across more ‘real’.

A key feature on Facebook is their Book Now tool. This can save you time booking appointments over the phone as customers can book through Facebook’s calendar that integrates with your calendar.

To ensure that employees stay safe on Facebook, make sure they are aware of your brand policies and understand the platform’s rules.

  • Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic platform to delve into behind-the-scenes and to create insights to your brand to increase traffic to your website. Customers can also buy products directly through Instagram.

Encourage employees to do Instagram Lives and engage with clients through comments, but to keep them safe, make sure no personal information is handed out.

A common Instagram scam that all employees should be aware of are direct messages that appear too familiar. The message may say something similar like “Help [Your name}, are you able to send me some money as I lost my wallet and need to get home”, or “I made this picture of you, I think you might like it!” and they attach a link. Ensure that your employees are aware to never click on any links via DM or send any details or money to anyone.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn has always been the go-to platform for all things professional and business, however, your employees can use it inhouse to strengthen your brand further.

By creating a LinkedIn page for your business, this can help you promote your brand further and attract top talent.

It is imperative that whoever manages and has access to your company LinkedIn page ensures that they change their passwords regularly to prevent any competitors potentially hacking your account to access confidential information. Make sure that employees also implement two-factor authentication.

Like other platforms, never give out personal information or click on unknown links.


To avoid any incorrect or confidential information going out on your social media platforms, consider introducing a Social Media policy and refer to our blog here.

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