Moving offices? Seamless transitions with Omicron…

The effects that coronavirus has had on businesses are wide-spanning. Ranging from staff members being made furloughed, to the handful of businesses who have thrived and are now moving into larger premises. Unfortunately, not all businesses have been this lucky as some are having to downsize into smaller office spaces to reduce costs, and maximise profits.

Whether you’re upscaling or downsizing your business, this can create more of a workload to business owners with the added stress of downtime, but actually with the right support office moves can happen relatively stress-free, with zero business downtime.

We’ve helped many businesses with their own unique office relocations – ensuring IT infrastructure is transferred successfully from one office space to another and if you need any help or advice on a seamless move just give us a shout and we can happily advise.


Make IT your priority:

We appreciate there’s a lot to think about when moving offices, but it’s important to make IT a priority. IT is more than just your WiFi, computers, and database… you need to be confident that your important data is backed up, with a recovery plan in place – losing data during a move could result in costs much higher than anything you’d ever expect! This is why we recommend having an expert assess your systems to make sure you have any relevant procedures in place.

Be there for your customers:

Whilst your business may be moving, you need to make sure you’re still catering to the needs of your clients throughout this transition. For this, we would recommend setting up your telecommunication system, and utilising the cloud so that staff (who are working remotely, and are separate from the move) can access essential documents and files from home. This means that staff can keep up to date with clients and complete tasks on-time during this transition.

How we can help:

Our team has vast knowledge and experience in this field and would be more than happy to support any business in the process of planning their office move, providing support from the planning stage right through to post-moving in.

Give us a call today on 01727 861 553 for more information on the support we can provide, or alternatively if you’re thinking of moving offices get in touch today and we can support you from day one.

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