Microsoft Silver Competency Partnership

Microsoft Silver Competency

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Microsoft silver competency partnership. The silver competency partnership is offered to companies demonstrating the highest and most specialized ability and commitment in a specific business solution area, in our case IT Support.

Microsoft awards companies the silver competency partnership for offering the best solutions to customers. To achieve this, a business must undertake a precise approval process. A business that has earned a silver competency partnership is among the top 5% of Microsoft partners worldwide!

In today’s blog, we will be talking you through the benefits of the silver competency partnership as well as the process you must take to apply for it.


The Benefits

Many benefits come with being a recognised partner of Microsoft, with many of these benefits being an enticing motif for any business to apply. Some of these benefits include:


Higher Level Of Support: Those who are silver competency partners receive an array of support benefits from Microsoft themselves. With benefits including assistance for both presales and deployment for your business.


Increased Visibility: Businesses who are recognised partners are eligible to receive tools that can help increase the business’s visibility both to potential customers but also to other partners. Partners are prioritized in the Microsoft partner directory and on partner finders on the Microsoft website, making your business much more visible to everyday users. As well as this, your competency badge is shown within your listings.


Further Recognition: Similar to the last benefit, when your competency is attained you will receive a badge that can be displayed on all of your business’s materials. As well as this, you will also receive a letter to certify you have earned the competency. Both the letter and badge allow will allow your business to stand out to potential customers.


The Process

There is no doubting that earning the Microsoft silver competency partnership requires a lot of work and is something difficult to achieve. To achieve the competency, your business must be seen to meet a wide array of requirements and regulations, as well as demonstrate expertise in multiple areas involving both business and technology.

The competency areas fall into one of four categories…

  • Applications and Infrastructure
  • Business Applications
  • Data and AI
  • Modern Workplace and Security

Your business must meet the right requirements in each competency area to become eligible for the partnership scheme.

For the partnership scheme simply sign up and create an account. However, it is important to ensure you use your business, preferably using a domain name, rather than your personal email. You will then be able to subscribe to the scheme, however, you will only have to pay if your business meets the right requirements – entitling you to the array of benefits we mentioned earlier.


Do you think the Microsoft Silver Competency Partnership is something your business could achieve?


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