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Revolutionary Instant IT Support Services

At Omicron, we like to take a proactive approach to managed IT services. Over the past 25 years, we have been providing innovative and trustworthy IT solutions to businesses of all sizes –refining our proactive systems and services in the process.

With our experience, we have devised a revolutionary and unique four step Instant IT support system called HALO, which really sets us apart from other IT support companies. We operate HALO alongside our clever pre-emptive alerting systems, meaning that our remote IT support team can fix issues before you notice them – and before they get a chance to interrupt business.

What is HALO?

HALO is a multi-layered system that ensures your systems are running at their most efficient and secure. It makes your business systems scalable and reliable. We understand that technology needs to be ready to evolve alongside your business, and that a passive approach simply will not do, which is why HALO is such a revolutionary model for IT solutions.

This fully managed maintenance service is cost-effective for clients, as it dramatically reduces response times and allows us to provide IT services to the highest standards – and in a way that grows and adapts alongside you, and the world at large.

As the service moves ahead we step through the layers of the HALO system as follows.

Halo diagram

1. Helpdesk

We kick things off with a full audit and we document your IT system, which will live and breathe along with your business.

We onboard your systems to our Helpdesk. Industry standard remote management software is installed and tested on all supported systems. We also add our clever proactive systems to alert us to problems, which means that we can fix them before they cause you downtime and stress.

Lastly, we meet your users to distribute our contact details – we want to make sure they know how to log tickets and how to contact us to get the rapid help and support you need. We also know that putting a face to a name helps both of our companies integrate more quickly and efficiently.

We also offer unlimited calls to our Helpdesk, with no queuing, no waiting, we pickup the call and offer you Instant Support. This means that no query will go unanswered, and your business will always receive the highest level of assistance.

2. Align

We stabilise and secure all of your systems by installing the relevant IT solutions, such as upgrades, patches and security updates.

Depending on your business’s requirements, extra software like Antivirus can be installed if necessary. This step also ensures your backup and Disaster Recovery systems and processes are all robust and fully functional.

We can direct you through the process of Cyber Essentials Compliance, which demonstrates that you are keeping your data secure against cyber-attacks.

Our GDPR consultants will also be able to work alongside you to ensure that you are always operating in accordance with GDPR rules, which will keep your sensitive data safe from a variety of cyber threats such as costly breaches and leaks, and give you a little extra peace of mind.

3. Link

We regularly report back to you and discuss how we can help your business become even better.  Strategy and a technology roadmap is vital for the success of your business.

Along with performance topics we can discuss new ideas, technology and systems that will help your business progress. By establishing a working partnership with your business, we will be well-placed to understand and offer advice and solutions, so that you get the most out of your IT systems.

IT solutions should be aimed towards efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability, and our collaborative work ethic ensures that we will always be there to recommend improvements for your IT support services. We have a wealth of experience, as well as decades of experience in IT support, and will always be ready to find news ways of making your systems work for you.

4. Onsite

At Omicron Solutions, we aren’t like other IT support companies. We integrate our help desk staff with your business, to ensure that business remains uninterrupted, and proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Members of our staff are able to come to you and work at your office each month. There, they will provide technical help, education, maintenance, system reviews and any other IT services agreed with the Account Manager. This is a revolutionary service for IT outsourcing, but comes as standard with our monthly contracts.

Top Five Reasons to Choose IT Outsourcing for Your Business

If you’re still on the fence about outsourcing your IT services, take a look at our five favourite reasons why a dedicated IT support company like Omicron can do wonders for your company…

Expertise for a Fraction of the Salary

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a technologically proficient team to support and monitor your business’s IT systems. Recruiting your own full-time IT support staff will incur much higher costs: maintaining multiple salaries and up-to-date training will cost your business far more than outsourcing your managed IT services to industry specialists.

Peace of Mind

With so many troubling headlines about data breaches and leaks, worrying that your computers could be vulnerable to cyber-attacks can end up ruling your professional and personal life. Being able to trust that your employees’ and customers’ sensitive data is in expert hands will give you the time and confidence to focus on running your business as usual, without feeling that disaster is around the corner.


Finding an IT Support Team who can actively work alongside you and your workforce, not just via remote access, will make a considerable difference to your business. A proactive work ethic means that you get a personalised approach, expert knowledge, and unlimited access to IT solutions, education, and maintenance – either in-person, or over the phone. A collaborative approach will mean that your IT services can be refined and perfected to suit your business’s requirements for efficiency, and growth.

Regulations, Standards, and Data Security

FCA Compliance, Cyber Essentials, GDPR…keeping your business’s data stores safe and secure online is critical. Outsourcing your IT services to a company that is fully compliant with the necessary regulations and standards for technology and data will mean that you are protected, secure, and primed against cyber threats.


Any business will thrive when its employees are able to focus on core business. IT outsourcing will ensure that your IT services are managed seamlessly, and that business can always go on as usual. You and your employees can trust that your IT services are being expertly managed, without distraction or worry.


Do You Specialise in Providing IT Managed Services for Any Specific Sectors?

At Omicron, we have over twenty-five years’ worth of experience in delivering support, innovation, and expertise to businesses of all sizes and IT requirements. One particular area in which we have a wealth of practical knowledge and involvement is the Finance Sector. Our HALO system is perfectly designed to ensure that your IT services are efficient and safe, and our IT experts are available to provide unlimited help and advice throughout the entire process.

We are FCA Compliant and Cyber Essentials Certified, with disaster recovery systems in place to ensure that even the most sensitive of data is protected from all angles.

I’m Not a Client, but I Have an Emergency – What Can You Do?

An IT emergency can take up hours of overtime for you and your employees. Whatever the problem, we understand that IT failures can be some of the most stressful and time-consuming issues in business. If you’re currently in need of support and require emergency, expert advice and assistance, then simply get in touch. We will be able to send our engineers to you, or connect to your servers remotely, and get everything up and running as quickly as possible.

Many of Our Employees Bring Their Own Laptops to Work – Can You Provide Extra Security for Portable Devices?

Laptops are an excellent resource for anyone who works between the office and home, or when travelling, but they come with a few extra risks to security. We can work with you to provide education, as well as extra security measures such as encryption and two-factor authentication, to provide an excellent level of defence against cybercrime and data loss.

Can You Help Me Build a Disaster Recovery Strategy?

Even with the best IT security solutions in place, developing a failsafe disaster recovery strategy is a crucial part of information security management. We have a wealth of experience in this area, and can work with you to create a strategy that ensures business continuity. You can be sure that you will never lose your data – even if the worst should happen – and that, no matter what, you will always be able to access it.

Can You Help Us with GDPR Compliance?

Absolutely. GDPR was enforced last year as a way of protecting you and your clientele from devastating breaches of personal and sensitive data. The rules are in place to help your business, but ensuring that you are compliant can be complicated and time-consuming.

Between May 2018-2019, as many as 89,271 data breaches were reported across Europe – and failure to comply with GDR regulations can result in fines of up to 4% of your company’s annual turnover. At Omicron, our GDPR consultants are expertly equipped to assess and improve your security, and put your mind at ease.

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We offer solutions that are as unique as your business, we are flexible and can provide unique support packages in a number of different ways to suit you best. Let’s talk about your business and you will see how refreshing it is to work with Omicron.

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