Instant, Multi Channel Support Vs Traditional IT Support

The course of running a business may not always run smooth, but ensuring that you have a seamless line of communication for your IT support services is a significant step towards safeguarding your company against interruptions, setbacks, and downtime. Rather than tapping your fingers on-hold, or firing a long and repetitive chain or emails back-and-forth, multi channel support allows you to communicate with your IT consultant in a way that best suits you.

It is essential that your IT support services are designed – and maintained – in a way that ensures they are able to keep pace with the continuity and growth of your business. No issue is too small to cause an interruption; losses in productivity, revenue, reputation and data all wreak havoc on businesses of all sizes, and can lead to significant downtime.

A continuous, multi channel line of managed IT support offers a far more efficient approach than more traditional methods of IT support, and ensures a far more proactive method for maintaining business continuity.

Read more about the benefits of opening up an instant, multi channel line of communication for your managed IT services below.


What is Multi Channel Support?

Multi channel support ensures that you have a convenient line of communication with your IT support services, by providing more than one means of getting in touch with your managed service provider. Phone, email and chat, for instance, offer multiple channels through which issues, questions and queries can be logged; your IT support company will enter all relevant information into your customer profile, which means that they will hold a single view of your company, regardless of the channel through which you choose to communicate.

As opposed to the break-fix approach commonly taken by traditional IT support, managed IT services offering communication through multiple channels entails a far more efficient service wherein proactivity can be applied before a problem arises. Rather than working around the limitations of your IT systems, there is far more scope to allow IT to work flexibly around the demands of the business. We dedicate resources to the reliability and performance of your IT systems, not just immediate issues.


What are the Benefits of Using Multi Channel Support?

At Omicron, we are dedicated to forming a collaborative relationship with your business, always ensuring that your network is up to the task of supporting you, your employees, and any clients using your website. Offering multi channel support is one of the methods we use to make certain that you always have a means of reaching us instantly, and without having to waste your own valuable time communicating the issue.

Any potential issues should be detected and dealt with before they are able to disrupt business as usual, which means that the right IT support services will be ready to provide help the moment it is required. Ensuring continuity and uninterrupted productivity is our highest priority, and with multi channel support we are:

  • Making Reporting Issues More Convenient
    The inconvenience of battling an IT issue is made all the worse by frustrating and time-wasting emails sent back and forth with your IT support; not only does it draw out the process of remedying the issue, but it takes up your valuable time as well, and prevents you from taking care of the business side of things.
  • Eradicating Queues for Help
    IT support companies offering only one channel for communication – such as a dedicated phone line – may struggle to respond to queries instantaneously, which can cause a queue to form and leave you waiting for a response. With multi channel support, queues and long waiting times are replaced by additional means of contacting your managed service provider.
  • Providing 24 Hour Access
    Issues can arise at any time, which means that support and solutions should be available as and when they are needed. Knowing that your managed service provider is always available to provide invaluable help – even outside of typical business hours – will afford peace of mind, and ensure business continuity.
  • Offering Unlimited Help and Assistance
    Some IT support services place a limit on the quantity of calls that can be made by a single client. At Omicron Solutions, we offer unlimited calls to our help desk, which means that you are able to receive the help and support you need, whenever you need it. The freedom to place unlimited calls will circumvent the need for stress, frustration, and costly downtime, and ensure that your systems are always running smoothly.
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