How Can Mobile Device Management Benefit Your Business?

In a technology-dominated world, the move to working from home requires an even bigger demand for integrated employee devices, whether it be on laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Therefore, the importance of Mobile Device Management (MDM) is as crucial as ever for businesses to implement – but what is it?

Simply put, MDM is a way for employees to access corporate data on their business or personally owned mobile devices. This allows the company to increase productivity by giving employees the ability to access files wherever and whenever they need, without compromising on security.

Through a refined and secure Mobile Device Management integration, any business can see benefits in:

1.      Enhanced Security

i. If an employee’s mobile device is lost or stolen, MDM can remotely lock and wipe all data, preventing a spread of vital company information.

ii. MDM can block unsafe websites and material from employees and restrict certain applications from being downloaded.

2.      Reduced Costs

i. Tracking software can prevent the behaviours of overused data and minutes to prevent unexpected costs.

3.    Remote Management

i. Manage devices without requiring any intervention from the users and without affecting productivity.

4.      Time-saving automation

i. Saving repetitive tasks by pre-configuring Wi-Fi settings on devices and pre-downloading specific apps that employees will need.

ii. A centrally managed MDM software allows a business to reduce the time and resources spend on IT administration, such as configuring Wi-Fi settings on devices, or installing, updating, and removing specific applications. This is therefore even more beneficial within the current working from the home climate.


According to OpenVPN, 54% of IT professionals think that remote workers are a greater security risk. This shows just how important it is for businesses to realise why they should now integrate some form of MDM to prevent security from being breached.

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