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Security and GDPR

Data management is one of the greatest sources of anxiety for businesses; security threats, data loss, and breaches of privacy are very real possibilities for anyone working in the digital age, and ensuring that your data security offers the right amount of protection can seem like a mountain to climb.

The good news is, you don’t have to panic – and you don’t have to be fooled into thinking you need to spend a fortune on IT security and data management.

Data Security and the GDPR rules are there to protect you, me and everyone from hackers, fraudsters, spammers and other people who will misuse your data. Proper compliance can keep you safe from a devastating attack – all you need to know is whether your IT security is working to the highest possible standard.

Data Security & IT Support

IT Security Support

If you’re looking to assess or improve your data security, then we will provide you with a no obligation, no cost audit of your managed security services. Our qualified GDPR consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience in streamlining and improving IT security and data management. They will use the GDPR guidelines as a baseline, and tell you where you need to improve your data security – and what precautionary measures should be put in place.

Put your IT security solutions in safe hands by talking to Omicron. With over twenty-five years’ experience in IT, we can work to protect your business against the many cyber risks, and put your mind at rest.

Security Solutions for Keeping Your Data Safe

At Omicron, we will use our expertise to perform initial checks on your managed security services, your IT infrastructure including servers, PCs and networks, as well as penetration testing and setting up multi-authentication techniques to ensure passwords are secure.

A qualified GDPR consultant will also be able to help you address and transform your data security risks, by introducing a number of efficient security solutions, including:

1. Encryption

Are your computers and laptops encrypted to keep data secure? Laptops have an extra level of risk when it comes to IT security, because they are portable and often taken out of the office, increasing the risk that they will be lost or stolen – meaning that a high level of data security is vital.

If a company laptop compromised, ensuring the hard drive is encrypted at least keeps the data secure and minimises the risk of a leak – and the accompanying fines. We will help guide you through the process of making all company laptops safer by increasing data security through encryption.

2. AntiVirus and Malware

Viruses and malware are common tools used by cyber criminals to breach your IT security and gain access to data. Breaches can be extremely damaging, stressful, and time-consuming to fix, so preventative measures are vital for every computer.

Virus and malware threats are ever-present and constantly changing, which means that our defences must be continually adapting and re-adapting to threats. We can help to ensure your systems are secure with regular updates, the automatic deployment of patches, and by putting the best antivirus and malware prevention and detection processes in place.

3. Network Security Solutions

Network security helps protect the integrity of your network, including servers, computers, mobile devices, and wireless systems such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Omicron can help analyse your current network infrastructure and processes and implement layered IT security measures, firewalls and more to keep your data secure and away from cyber threats.

We can also work with you to create a disaster recovery strategy, which will act as an extra level of data management should something go wrong. Our multiple redundancy approach will ensure that your data – and your access to it – is never lost.

4. Data Security for Cloud Systems

Another often overlooked aspect of cyber security solutions is cloud based systems. People assume that the cloud is safe and the responsibility of the cloud service provider, but that is not the case.

Individual companies have the responsibility to ensure the systems they are using are secure. Omicron can help you achieve that aim, as our team of engineers are educated on the constantly evolving risk presented by cyber criminals in the cloud.

Through our cyber security checks, we will make your network and systems inherently more secure against the vulnerabilities of cybercrime.

If you would like to know more about the data security solutions we offer and how we can help you meet the GDPR legislation, or how we can continuously monitor your IT security for potential risks, get in touch with us for a free consultation and custom proposal.

GDPR Consultants Hertfordshire

We would always recommend looking to gain a Cyber Essentials certification. This is a good first step towards protecting yourself from threats and can mitigate GDPR fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

The Cyber Essentials certification is a government created scheme and it provides evidence that you have carried out basic steps towards protecting your business and your data from internet-based cyber-attacks. Cyber Essentials is designed to work for companies of all sizes including single employee businesses to large companies.

As Omicron are Cyber Essentials Certified ourselves, we are ideally positioned to guide companies through the process of compliance. By bringing your data security up to code, and educating users on IT security, you can make significant improvements to your business’s safety.


Cybercrime Facts

In the wake of numerous high-profile cyber security breaches, and the introduction of GDPR in May 2018, ensuring that our businesses are protected against cyber threats, and safeguarded against the worst case scenario, are more of a priority than ever. Outsourcing your IT security and data management will give you the time and assurance you need to proceed with business as usual.

Here’s some of our top facts about cybercrime in the UK, to show just how important knowledgeable and trustworthy security solutions are for your business…

Last year, 35% of Businesses Reported that they did not Immediately Notice a Security Breach…
For businesses that lost assets or data, the average cost to repair the problem was £4,180.

Small Businesses are the Most Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks.
More than 7million attacks were reported between January 2017-2019, with a collective annual cost of around £4.5billion.

…and 69% of Businesses Did Not Know What Caused Their Most Disruptive Breach.
Data breaches can expose sensitive information, like bank details, passwords, names and addresses – another reason it is vitally important that employees are able to receive help and guidance from their IT support company.

Organisations Can be Fined Between 2-4% of Their Annual Turnover for Breaching GDPR
Although fines will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Working with a qualified GDPR consultant will ensure that your business is always compliant.

There are insurance providers that offer better insurance rates to businesses that hold a Cyber Essentials badge.It demonstrates a significantly reduced risk to cyber breaches, which will make for a safer investment.

With the right knowledge and experience in data management, your business can be protected from numerous threats to IT security. Get in touch today to find out how Omicron can update and improve your managed security services, and protect your business from devastating cyber threats.

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