Why you should never trust your Data Backup…..

As a business owner, it’s likely you have the fundamentals in place such as business insurance, a professional keeping the books so you don’t upset the taxman, you probably foster a good office culture, invest in your staff and it’s likely you have a plan for the future growth of the business.
These ingredients, amongst others make up the recipe for business success.
There are however two other vital components that some businesses assume they can trust or overlook, and for some this could be the end of their business. 
We’re talking about Data and Back-up.

Think about what would happen if you lost all of your data? What would that mean to your business? Loss of revenue, loss of customer records, potential Legal claims, disruptive service to your clients and the list goes on.

Not only are you likely to be hugely out of pocket, but your reputation is likely to take an irreversible bashing.

To avoid this, there are four key questions you should be asking yourself TODAY;

  • When was my system data last backed up?
  • How often does my data get backed up?
  • How do I know it has backed up successfully?
  • What would I do if my existing IT system does go down and is unrecoverable?

There’s no best-case scenario when it comes to data loss, but the good news is that this is preventable.

Data loss means downtime, mission-critical applications are disabled, important client information is no longer accessible, and the business comes to a standstill.

However, you can fix this by having a regular local and offsite backup regime with proactive monitoring and alerts.

If you don’t have a recovery solution, your restoration efforts will become rebuilding efforts, you’ll be starting from scratch to try to recreate all that was lost. It would be virtually impossible to rebuild all lost data and research shows that 60% of SME businesses go out of business within a year of a disaster like this.

At Omicron Solutions, we understand the importance of backup and data recovery and that’s why we save our clients hundreds of thousands of pounds a year by keeping their systems safe with our HALO System. Simply because we treat your data like our data.

To find out more about how having a regular local and offsite backup regime can help protect your business then simply get in touch for a chat. Alternately, feel free to read some of our case studies from our existing clients to get an understanding of why businesses choose to move their IT Support to us.  Get in touch today and we can protect your business with our HALO.

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