StageARTS Threatre School

Omicron have been promoting our community help scheme during the lockdown period, offering local SME businesses free of charge consultations and IT Support to help get through the crisis.

We recently helped the StageArts Theatre School as their Artistic Director’s computer was down and he could not access any data.

With the computer down our usual Instant IT Support remote access tools would not work so our IT Helpdesk experts had to give detailed instructions over the telephone.

Needless to say, after a number of calls, we managed to get the computer back up and running and get their precious data back.

Here’s what StageArts Eamon Geoghegan had to say about our service…..

The help we as a small family business received from Omicron Solutions Ltd during this difficult time was invaluable.

Our computer went down and Kevin from Omicron saved the day and restored not only our computer but our faith in human kindness.

Omicron Solutions Ltd owned and run by Andy Sheppard have gone above and beyond to assist us get our life and work back on track with a friendly voice and incredible professionalism, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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