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For over 30 years, T. Lott has been providing plastering, dry lining, rendering and secondary steel framing services to commercial clients in the UK including offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, and universities.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important for T. Lott, and they heavily rely upon the commitment and effectiveness of their employees to deliver projects valued from £50,000 to £5,000,000. Due to the fast-paced nature of the industry, and the many different aspects of a project that needs support and management, IT Support is critical to avoid prolonged periods of business downtime which may ultimately set back project deadlines.

Unfortunately, T. Lott had suffered a bad experience from their previous IT Support provider; support requests were taking too long to fix, they noticed issues with their key data backup, their cloud data sharing solution had never worked correctly, and they ultimately felt like their provider did not care about them.

Ross Findlater contacted Omicron Solutions to discuss these issues and seek a more productive relationship. Ross was keen to understand how Omicron could help T. Lott with their unique IT Support needs and the Cloud Sharing Solutions that would work for them.

It became quite clear that Ross and T. Lott were nervous about business downtime caused by switching their IT Support Company; Omicron, however, reassured them that this would not affect the day to day running of the business. In fact, Omicron could manage the whole transition faultlessly to improve the infrastructure and business efficiencies, and they did.

Effective Cloud Solutions for Business

All issues T. Lott had with backup and cloud data have been eradicated and they now have the IT Support that they always wished for.

Ross Findlater says this:

“Changing computer/IT Support is not an easy decision for any business as we rely on the support of IT Professionals in today’s world. After meeting with Omicron, we took the plunge to transfer our IT Support and we definitely consider our decision to be the correct choice. For anyone out there that wants IT Support that is spoken in terms that don’t leave you confused, this is where to try. In addition to our understanding, they have developed streamlined processes to help identify and rectify issues quickly and painlessly and have the knowledge and skill helping us to enhance our systems to achieve our overall goals. I would definitely recommend Omicron and the friendly and efficient team.”

Omicron provides IT Support based on a unique HALO framework. Contact us to find out how we can improve your business. Most businesses will qualify for a free Risk Assessment and IT Audit; you will then know how simple it would be to switch to a better world-class IT Support solution from Omicron Solutions.

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