6 Ways To Ensure Your IT Is Secure

Your personal data is incredibly important to you and your company. If it is hacked or lost, the chances are that it would cost you an incredible amount of time and money to retrieve and recover what you have lost. Therefore, you must have a multi-layer approach to defend your information against hackers, malware, and IT failures.

We have created a list which you should ensure you have implemented in order to layer up your protection, making sure that your data is perfectly secure:


1. Multi-Factor Authentication

Now hackers may have access to programs that can figure out your passwords, but by ensuring multi-factor authentication, they will have to send access codes to your phone or email in order to log into your accounts, which they won’t easily have access to. This is all about layering access to your information so that it is an extremely hard and long process in order for hackers to get in. Find out more about this on our separate blog: https://www.omicronsolutions.co.uk/why-is-multi-factor-authentication-necessary/


2. Inbound email security

When sensitive information, such as passwords is included in the contents of an email, your email security will encrypt the email before it is stored in the companies mail servers. This prevents the information from being accessed by anyone who has found their way into the email accounts.


3. Office 365 Backup

It is the best way to protect yourself against accidental or malicious file deletion, other human user errors, ransomware, and data corruption. An Office 365 backup will ensure that you can restore your data quickly and prevent you from spending crucial time and money trying to retrieve files that are critical to your business.


4. Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM is a way for employees to access corporate data on their business or personally owned mobile devices, however, accessing crucial data on their personal phones can be a huge risk to data leaks or hacks. MDM will provide security on the data accessed while allowing for remote management of information that is shared. For more information on this, especially during a time of remote working, see our previous blog: https://www.omicronsolutions.co.uk/how-can-mobile-device-management-benefit-your-business/


5. End-to-End Data Encryption

Simply put, End-to-End Data Encryption is a system that protects the content of your messages and all your files by making them unreadable to every other person who is not the recipient. Access and service providers are themselves incapable of decoding the conversations and documents that are exchanged. This provides your information completely encrypted against anyone seeking to find out the information that you do not give permission to.


6. Secure Web Hosting

Secure hosting will provide security for your physical server, as well as preventing online attacks like DDoS. It can also provide SSL certificates that encrypt information flowing from the web site to its users.


Not sure how to implement the methods listed? Do not worry. Omicron Solutions are highly competent at installing all of these into your company’s IT systems and are at hand to provide any assistance needed. We also provide 24 hours, around the clock emergency support so that if any problems do arise, we can prevent anything from becoming a lasting issue.

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