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6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing Your IT Supplier

6 Questions to ask yourself before you choose your IT support supplier

Outsourcing your IT services is no small decision, so it’s important you’re careful and considerate when choosing your IT support partner.

Many people are making the decision to outsource their IT services as the process of keeping your IT up and running, secure and able to keep up with the growth of your business can be a nuisance and for many businesses, a drain on time and resources.

In order to help you to select the correct IT support supplier that’s right for you and your business we’ve put together these 6 questions you need to ask yourself first…


  1. Is Friendly, expert support available 24/7?

It’s without saying that your IT support supplier you choose to work with has the skills and experience in order to do an amazing job. But it’s also essential that you opt for a Managed Service Provider you can trust to take the worry out of your IT.

At Omicron, our customer support team is always available to assist you with any issues you may be experiencing. We’re able to remotely monitor and access your IT systems, but If this isn’t an option our team can come and visit you on-site. Our emergency IT support phone line is also available so we’re here when you need us the most.


  1. Is it cost-effective?

Moving over to a managed IT supplier shouldn’t just erase your IT headache, but it should also be cost-effective. Recruiting your own full-time IT support staff will incur much higher costs: maintaining multiple salaries and up-to-date training will cost your business far more than outsourcing your managed IT services to industry specialists.


  1. Do they offer disaster recovery?

Even with the best IT security solutions in place, developing a fail safe disaster recovery strategy is a crucial part of information security management. We have a wealth of experience in this area, and can work with you to create a strategy that ensures business continuity. You can be sure that you will never lose your data – even if the worst should happen – and that, no matter what, you will always be able to access it.


  1. Is remote assistance available?

Flexible working is the secret to success for many businesses in the present day, many employees are now working remotely – which means it’s never been more crucial to choose a Managed IT provider who has access to support you and your business remotely.

Therefore, enabling your team to work flexibly from anywhere, knowing full well if they encounter an IT hiccup, there’s a helping hand.


  1. Are they security experts?

For many businesses a growing concern is to do with network security. Whatever the size of your business you’ll always be at risk of cyber crime, more of a reason why you must be protected and prepared.

Omicron clients enjoy complete peace of mind when it comes to Network security. Our fully managed maintenance serviced, called HALO, is cost-effective, dramatically reduces response times and allows us to provide IT services to the highest standards. Our HALO framework enables us to recognise and deal with problems before they get the chance to affect your business and cause downtime.


  1. Do they have good testimonials?

Any managed IT provider can claim to be able to help your business, but who have they worked with in the past? What have their past clients said about their services?

Have a look out for their reviews and any case studies they have available for more of an insight into what they’re really like to work with.


We hope this information was useful for anyone making the decision to change, or choose a new IT support supplier. If you have any questions, or would like more information then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today:

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