5 Things to Look for in an IT Support Company

With more than a third of UK businesses choosing to outsource their IT support services in 2019, it is becoming increasingly difficult to overlook the benefits of entrusting your company to an external managed service provider. Rather than relying on in-house support, companies are taking on more flexible arrangements tailored to their individual requirements.

And while it is true that a dedicated IT support company can offer fantastic resources, lower costs, and up to the minute expertise for a fraction of the cost of a full-time IT manager, there are a few things you should look out for before committing.

If you are currently on the search for an IT support company for your business, then read our list of the top five essentials you should require from your managed service provider.

 A Proactive Approach

The days of a break-fix approach to IT support should be long gone — not only does it risk significant downtime as issues such as IT breaches and system failures are fixed, it can also mean that your managed IT services are not being optimised to facilitate the growth and development of your business. Unfortunately, some businesses’ IT support is still centred around this style of maintenance, rather than active progress.

A proactive IT support company will do more than wait for problems to arise. They will invest time and research into making the very most of your managed IT services, and optimising functions to support security and functionality.


Every business is different, and the right IT support company will be one that is able to form a collaborative relationship with your business; taking a one size fits all approach to managed IT services will prevent you from getting the very most out of your provider. Your IT systems are integral to the day-to-day running of your business, but you should not feel forced into a contract that does not suit you.

With the right company, your budget and requirements will guide the arrangement you have with your IT support services, allowing you to remain in control, and continue with business-as-usual with full peace of mind.

Investment in Keeping Knowledge Up-to-Date

The world of IT support is constantly evolving, particularly within the realm of security, where cybercrime is forever adapting to bypass new measures and restrictions in order to harvest sensitive data for profit.

Security breaches can happen to businesses of any size or sector, and they can lead to significant downtime, loss of reputation and data, and overwhelming fines if your business is found to be in violation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Since the risks are forever changing, the right IT support company will invest plenty of time and money into understanding the shifting online landscape, and to ensuring that their knowledge is up to the task of keeping your systems safe.

One of the greatest benefits of outsourcing your managed IT services is having access to a wealth of up-to-date knowledge and experience, and making the most of it by choosing an IT support company that dedicates time and resources to optimising their practices is essential.

Rapid (and Unlimited) Responses

Over the past thirty years, the emphasis business places on IT usage has increased dramatically, and we must not underestimate the impact even a small fault can have on continuity.

Some businesses are deterred from outsourcing their IT support services, as they worry that there will be limitations to the number of calls they can make, and the help they will receive. The right IT support company, however, will be ready to answer your questions and continue to provide unfaltering assistance, no matter how many queries or concerns you have.

Excellent Case Studies

In a highly digital age, when so many companies are choosing to outsource their support — and with so many dedicated businesses offering support services —finding the right company for your business can be perplexing. But, while it can be easy to ‘talk the talk’ online, the proof of any managed service provider lies within the case studies they include on their website.

Check that your prospective IT support company has plenty of successes to boast about; not only will it serve to prove their mettle within the industry, it will also demonstrate their areas of strength. Read up on the services they have provided for other clients, such as GDPR conformity, data security, and cloud-based solutions for specific sectors, and compare your findings with the requirements of your own business.

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